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Our Story

Caring for the seniors in our community is the mission of HouseCall Primary Care. We appreciate their special care needs, and our practice is directed toward meeting those needs wherever they are. Our care model is team-based, patient focused, and holistic, designed to deliver excellence in patient care.


Patient care is changing in many ways...and not always for the better. It is concerning that more and more insurance, drug and big health care companies seem to be the priority in today's ever changing world of medicine. Doctors and other providers are joining bigger systems, but few of these place the patient at the center of care. We believe at HouseCallPrimary Care that everything needs to be centered around the patient. We also recognize that, as our population ages, more of our seniors will "age in place" and will often need alternative living arrangements. This is why we formed HouseCall Primary Care. Providing care where our patients need their assisted living residence, at a skilled nursing facility, in a memory unit or in their home, if they are home bound.


As patient medical issues become increasingly complex, we strongly believe a team based approach to patient care is extremely important. At HouseCallPrimary Care, you will be seen by both a physician and a nurse practitioner (NP), who maintain a tight, synergistic working relationship throughout your care. Your nurse practitioner will generally see you for your first visit, communicate with your physician and he or she will see you afterward. A nurse will help coordinate patient's needs, including lab draws, medications, provider visits and working with home health care nurses