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Our Story


Working in the hospital setting for over 20 years gave HouseCall Primary Care founder, Dr. Shattuck, a unique perspective on healthcare. Over the years, he has treated patients after they have undergone a significant health crisis. After doing this for so long, he realized patients were seldom provided with a holistic approach. This approach intends to get ahead of patients' health problems before they turn into crisis. He saw the need to provide a healthcare service that treats the whole person, which involves partnering with and educating patients about the benefits of farm to table nutrition, working with patients to minimize their medications, and fostering an improved level of activity – all leading to spiritual wholeness.

In addition, he has learned one of the most important and underutilized types of medication is the doctor's conversation. Instead of simply writing a prescription, it is HouseCall's desire to interact with patients whenever they have a need – to truly care for patients where they are and wherever they go – whether a nursing home, assisted living, or in their own home. In addition, he believes providing the same team of doctors and providers to care for patients throughout their life means they are in constant communication with one another about the patient's needs. This team-based approach across the continuum of care is unique to the Greater Knoxville area.

After treating seriously and terminally ill patients over the years, Dr. Shattuck and his team have learned one of the most valuable things you can give a patient and their family is a listening ear and someone who cares. He believes this type of special care is how patients should be treated throughout their life. HouseCall Primary Care was created for this reason - providing holistic care, offering a team-based approach to healthcare, meeting a patient's needs wherever they are, and truly showing a patient and their family what a genuine example of true care looks like in the medical profession.