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Our Story


Many people are functionally housebound. Whether from serious medical conditions or mental health illness, it is often a tremendous burden to simply get out of the house to go see a physician, which can be socially isolating. Our goal is to come into the homes of patients and help restore them to the highest level of function possible.


Appropriate foot care isn't something that springs to mind when we think of good health. However, we discovered that this is one of the most neglected aspects of a person's overall health and happiness. Our foot care providers are certified in foot care and are passionate about treating patients who have complicated disorders of the foot and nail.

All too often, wound care is focused just on the wound itself, not the overall person or body that has to heal that wound. Our approach looks at the whole body, not just the hole in the body. Our certified wound providers take a comprehensive approach using the most innovative methods to heal wounds. The most effective method is always listening to and partnering with our patients.


Taking a person's whole health and wellness seriously must include their mental health. In fact, as spiritually wholeness is the most important goal for our patients, psychological care must be a priority in our plan. Unfortunately, many today suffer with chronic pain, depression, anxiety and more serious issues such as dementia and prescription drug over use. To combat these ailments HouseCall has a team of psychiatric professions to assess and prescribe approximate meds for our patient's unique individual needs.


Many times, our parents and grandparents need to make the decision to move to a home with better support, whether that is a Senior Independent Living Apartment with more services, an assisted living facility, or a Memory Unit, specializing in patients that have dementia and greater needs. No matter what their level of function, our team of nurse practitioners and physicians will come to their new home and work with them to maintain their highest level of function.


As our population ages and patients' diseases become more complicated, our nursing homes are providing more acute care. This requires a team-based approach and coordination of care among physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, therapists, dieticians, nurses, and administrators. Our focus is to work closely with the nursing home staff to return patients to their home as soon as possible, giving them resources to succeed in the home environment.


  1. Call us at 865-330-7425 to set up an appointment.
  2. We come to your home for an evaluation.
  3. We then become your primary care physician, and you will see our team of nurse practitioners and Physicians.
  4. We can offer all the services of a PCP, plus the following all in your home:
    • Lab work
    • Urinalysis
    • X-Rays
    • Strep Tests
    • Prescription filling
    • Foot, nail, and wound care Holistic Care
    • Flu & Pneumonia Vaccines
    • Holistic Care
      • Farm to table nutrition
      • Less medicine
      • Creative activity
      • Spiritual Wholeness
  5. We accept all major insurances